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Australian Broadband Guarantee.

What is Australian Broadband Guarantee (ABG)?

ABG is the successor to the Broadband Connect scheme and is an initiative of the Australian Government providing registered Internet service providers with incentive payments to supply higher bandwidth services in regional, rural and remote areas at prices comparable to those available in metropolitan areas. ABG is part of the Australian Government's contribution to the National Broadband Strategy and is the Government's response to recommendation 6.3 of the report of the Regional Telecommunications Inquiry (RTI)

Requirements for ABG

HaleNET is required to comply with the requirements of ABG. To be eligable for our ABG plans you need to comply with the following:

You must live in an area which was unable to recieve a metro compatible service at their principle place of residence or small business premises other than through the provision of an ABG service. You must have not recieved a Hibis or Broadband Connect service from another provider. If you are a business you must have less than 20 full time employees (or equilivent)

If you do live in an area that can get ADSL or an alternative metro compatible service, you may still be eligable for an ABG service if you are on a Pair Gains or RIM telephone service. If this is the case we will require written confirmation from Telstra and or the alternative service providers of you inability to recieve a non metro compatibible service. We can assist in getting this if required.

Computer Requirements:

HaleNET's broadband solutions are compatible with Pentium or similar class computers running Windows 98, ME, 2000, and XP. It is also compatible with Unix and Mac based systems running Mac OS9 or higher. The system will be required to have a working ethernet port.


Connection Fee $199 Free on an 18 month contract term
256/64 Satelite Plans start from $39.95 including 500 MB download
Other speeds and download allocations are available on request

512/128 Satelite Plans start from $49.95 including 500 MB download
Other speeds and download allocations are available on request

ABG Speed Testing

To test your speed meets the ABG requirements click here


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ABG Application Forms

ABG Satelite Application Form and terms and conditions

ABG Comparitive Information for Customers