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HaleNET Unlimited Account Terms and Conditions


Payment is monthly and in advance. All advance payments are by credit card only and are non-refundable. Halenet Unlimited may only be used on Individual Credit Card Accounts and may not be used with any other offer. Subject to existing agreements this offer may be changed or withdrawn at any time. Subscriptions to this plan will be limited to ensure acceptable network performance for all HaleNET Unlimited plan users. During peak periods modems may not always be available.


Halenet Unlimited includes a 1 month commitment ("the Term"). You must commit to HaleNET Unlimited for the Term, to receive the $24.95 price. In the event you terminate HaleNET Unlimited for any reason whatsoever prior to the conclusion of the Term, then we will be entitled to immediate payment of: the monthly plan fees for the remaining amount of the Term. Any outstanding download fees, and helpdesk support fees. You hereby authorise us to debit your credit card for amount calculated as due and owing.

It is the customers responsibility to ensure that they have supplied valid credit card details to HaleNET Ė in the event that a card is declined or invalid, termination from the service will be immediate. A reconnection fee will apply to this service.

At the end of the Term HaleNET Unlimited will automatically continue on a month to month basis (at the monthly rate) unless subject to prior cancellation, or renewal of the contract

Service Description

Customers must connect via dial-up connections to specified local numbers in HaleNETís coverage area.
HaleNET Unlimited plan users will not be able to connect via POPs other than those specified. Each HaleNET Unlimited User ID may login for Internet access as often as they wish. However, using the same User ID to login from more than one computer at the same time is not permitted, any account found doing so may be suspended without any prior notice, and all subsequent logins will be charges at our normal rate of $2.75 per hr.

Terminal logins are not permitted. Access may be delivered via proxy servers.

Use of Service

Dialup sessions will be limited to a maximum session length of 4 hours Modems will be disconnected if idle for 20 minutes. Automated methods to avoid disconnection due to inactivity are not permitted. This plan is subject to HaleNETís acceptable use policy. Declined credit cards will result in an immediate disconnection plus a $5 reconnection fee. This Plan is not available for users of Permanent IP addresses, this service is not to be used as a Permanent connection. Nor will it be suitable as such. Running servers of any kind or providing any public information service from a computer connected via HaleNET Unlimited is prohibited. This service is offered for use on a consumer basis only. It is not intended to be used for commercial or other purposes. It is not for resale.

We reserve the right to have your access restricted or suspended for misuse of the service for commercial purposes.

Halenet Unlimited has a download limit of 400 MB per month. Downloads over and above this will be charged at a rate of 20 cents per MB. This payment is taken each month from the credit card provided.

Helpdesk support on the HaleNET Unlimited Plan, is strictly for connection problems only. All other queries etc should be emailed to Halenet and they will be dealt with when possible. If other than connection related help is required via phone, it will be charged at $1.00 per minute, (minimum 15 minutes) and will be charged to your credit card at the end of each month.

Halenet reserves the right to pass on to the customer, any price variations and changes that may occur. HaleNET also reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions of this plan at any time. If, for any reason, you do not agree with the changes, then please notify us via email, and we will suspend or cancel the internet account.

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