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HaleNET Optical Fibre to the Home Internet..

What is it?

HaleNET Optical fibre to the home (FTTH) internet is a broadband internet connection that requires that HaleNET install an Optical Fibre cable to your home or business.
Optical fibre to the home will allow HaleNET to connect customers to the internet now while addressing the future issues of speed and reliability without the limitations of line of site and ADSL availability. The vendor hardware we will be using will allow the network to be used for Voice Video and Data now and into the future. The equipment has a capacity 8928 times faster than a modem and 333 times faster than the fastest ADSL connection currently available. The optical fibre solution has the added advantage of not being affected by lightning and hence customers will not need to worry about lightning damage to their equipment.

HaleNET may require a minimum of 30 customers to take up the solution for us to deploy the FTTH solution in a given area.

How does it work?

Optical fibre to the home uses light over a optical fibre cable to transmit and receive data. At the customers premises HaleNET will install an optical fibre gateway unit that will provide each customer with an ethernet connection. No modems are required just a standard network card or switch. This is a managed service as HaleNET retains ownership of the Optical fibre gateways and if for any reason the gateways fail then we will replace them, unless the damage was caused through negligence on the part of the customer or their visitors.

What equipment do you need?

Customers need three things.

  • permission from the property owner for HaleNET to install the optical fibre to the premises
  • plus a spare power point to plug in the 12 volt power supply that runs the optical gateway device.
  • Finally customers will need an ethernet adapter installed in their computer.

    What speed does the Optical Fibre service run at?

    The HaleNET FTTH service will support speeds up to 500 megabytes, however this is determined by the access plan chosen. The base plan will have the speed limited to 256/64 kbps

    How much does it cost?

    HaleNET FTTH plans will start from $55 per month including 500 MB of data.

    Is there a connection fee?

    Yes. The connection fee will be $TBA

    Who owns the installed hardware?

    HaleNET retains ownership of the installed hardware. In the event that a customer no longer requires te service then HaleNET will at a convenient time recover the gateway device.

    Where abouts is the service available?

    The HaleNET FTTH internet service is expected to be rolled out based on customer demand starting in July 2004.

    How do I apply for a HaleNET Broadband Internet Service?

    You can register your interest by emailing Please notify me of my Broadband Options

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