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HaleNET Dialup Internet Plans

  All HaleNET internet Access Plans include email virus scanning. This is valued at $5.50 per month.
  Special: HaleNET is currently offering FREE connection.

Bulk Hour Plans
Plan Cost Additional Hours
* 25/60 Prepaid Plan      25 Hours for $60 ($2.40/hr)  $2.75/hr 
* 50/100 Prepaid Plan     50 Hours for $100 ($2/hr)  $2.75/hr 
* 100/175 Prepaid Plan    100 Hours for $175 ($1.75/hr)  $2.75/hr 
* These block hours must be used in 12 months or they will expire.
Plan Cost Additional Hours
200/300 Prepaid Plan    200 Hours for $308.00 ($1.54/hr)  $2.75/hr 
350/450 Prepaid Plan    350 Hours for $462.00 ($1.32/hr)  $2.75/hr 
600/600 Prepaid Plan    600 Hours for $605.00 ($1.01/hr)  $2.75/hr 

HaleNET Rewards:
- Purchase additional hours while your account still has a positive balance and receive 10% FREE additional Hours.
- All HaleNET Bulk plans are billed by the second.

Monthly Access
   Plan Name         Hours Per Month         Monthly Payment        Yearly Payment    
Economy 5 * 5 hrs $8.80    $80.00   
Economy 10 * 10 hrs $15.00   $135.00  
Economy 25 * 25 hrs $30.00   $264.00  
Economy 40 * 40 hrs $40.00   $363.00  
Economy 50 * 50 hrs $50.00   $450.00  
Economy 80 * 80 hrs $70.00   $605.00  
Please Note:
Excess hours on the 5hrs to 25hrs a Month plans is charged at $1.98/Hour.
Excess Hours over the 40hr a Month Plan is charged at the plan rate.

HaleNET Unlimited Hours Plan
Conditions Apply
Plan Cost Additional Megabytes
Unlimited hours 400MB     400 MB Downloads for $24.95   $0.20/MB  

Connection Fee:

A once off registration fee of $25 is required to cover the costs associated with setting up personal accounts for the above plans.

For more information on any available pricing plans, please email admin@halenet.com.au.

Terms and Conditions
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