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HaleNET Wireless Internet..

Broadband Internet without Wires

What is it?

HaleNET wireless internet is a broadband internet connection that doesn't require any phone lines. HaleNET Wireless Internet uses radio waves instead of wires.

How does it work?

HaleNET wireless internet utilises an antenna and a small wireless device on a bracket similar to a TV bracket on your premises which is pointed to one of HaleNET's wireless POPS. From the wireless device an ethernet cable is run to an agreed point inside your premises.

What equipment do you need?

Customers need three things. - to have a reasonably clear line of site from their premises to one of HaleNET's wireless POPs - plus a spare power point to plug in the 12 volt power supply that runs the wireless device. - Finally customers will need an ethernet adapter installed in their computer.

What speed does the wireless service run at?

The HaleNET wireless service will support speeds up to 3.2 megabytes, however this is determined by the access plan chosen. The $29.95 a month plan will have the speed limited to 256 kbps to the customer and 64 kbps away from the customer.

How much does it cost?

HaleNET wireless plans start from $29.95 per month including 500 MB of data (HiBIS eligible customers). If you have a second phone line for the internet and are on an unlimited access plan then the wireless service will not cost any more than you are paying now. It may actually cost less, for a faster always on connection. No more login on. For more info on the available plans please visit wireless pricing

Is there a connection fee?

Yes. The connection fee is $132

Who owns the installed hardware?

HaleNET retains ownership of the installed hardware. In the event that a customer no longer requires te service then HaleNET will at a convenient time recover the wireless device.

Where abouts is the service available?

The HaleNET wirelees internet service is available in the following areas. (Subject to a site survey)

The Summit
Glen Aplin
Storm King Dam

Under construction are


How do I apply for a HaleNET Wireless Internet Service?

Either send an email to admin@halenet.com.au or call 0746814999

Where can I get more information about the HaleNET Wireless Internet service?

You can either phone Tim on 07 46814999 or email admin@halenet.com.au and request further information.

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